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Biofuel Implementation Projects

The unit has successfully commissioned and installed seven (7) biofuel mills on the islands of Koro, Rotuma, Cicia, Vanuabalavu, Lakeba, Rabi and Gau. These mills are to serve
the communities in terms of a consistent supply of clean green fuel and also uplift the standard of living through the provision of economic activity that is associated with the mill.

Modular Biofuel Plant
Each mill has been designed to cater for the copra produced on all seven islands.
1.    Dried Copra purchased from locals
2.    Copra Crusher – cuts the copra into small pieces
3.    Oil Expeller – extracts the oil from the copra and produces copra meal as a by-product
4.    6 stage filtration – filters the coconut oil through a series of filters down to 1 micron
5.    Protein Meal  - produced a by-product and used a supplementary animal feed
6.    Diesel Storage Tank 1000L
7.    Coconut oil tank 1000L
8.    Reactor tank 1000L – the coconut oil and diesel is mixed to produce renewable diesel
Management & Operations
Local villagers are chosen to undergo training in both management and operation aspects of the mill. The trainings are done by CATD Nadave. The department also evaluates and monitors the project for ten years before handing over to the community to take charge of the project.
The project is designed and operated to benefit the whole island in which it is installed it. It allows for a better return to the copra farmers for the copra supplied to the mill and the profits generated by the mill will be used to fund community based projects to develop the standard of living within the community.

Commissioning of Projects
  1. Vanuabalavu Biofuel Company Ltd. (VBCL)
  2. Rabi BCL
  3. Gau BCL
  4. Lakeba BCL
  5. Koro BCL
  6. Rotuma BCL
  7. Cicia BCL

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