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The Energy Conservation and Efficiency (ECE) Programme intends to educate the public on the importance of using energy efficiently.  This is undertaken through public awareness programmes, energy audits, use of energy efficient equipment and the adoption of standards and labeling for refrigerators and freezers.  Details are outlined below:


Public Awareness:  Engagement of various media outlets (TV, print media, radio talkback shows, Government-organized workshops) to assist in the dissemination of information to the public.  An internal committee currently oversees the program which is called the Fiji Energy Efficiency Awareness Promotion (FEEAP).  The committee also works with Pasifika Communications who had been recruited for about 3 years now as the Department’s FEEAP Media Consultant.  The company is responsible for providing advice on Media issues to the Committee, producing TV and Print Media advertisements and also for developing strategies for the overall programme.




Energy Audits Assessment and Implementation:  Undertaking energy audits assessment and identifying means of improving energy usage.  Initially the focus had been solelEnergy Audit Foods Processing Fiji Limited 20y on the Public Sector but recently the Department had also included the Private Sector as well.  Furthermore, the Department intends to initiate discussions with relevant stakeholders on the inclusion of “energy efficiency” in the existing Building Codes for Fiji.  With regards to work undertaken this year, the Department had undertaken a Preliminary Energy Audit at the following places

  1. SFCCO Office
  2. Food Processors Limited
  3. Prime Minister’s Office
  4. G. L. Chartered Accountants
  5. Auditor General’s Office and
  6. TapooCity
DOE hopes to undertake more of these audits this year

Standards and Labeling: Introducing of energy labeling and energy standards into appliances for better understanding of energy consumption information for the general public through the adoption of internationally recognized Australian and New Zealand Standards and Labeling.  
As of 1st January 2012, the Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Labeling Program came into effect for refrigerators and freezers.  As per the regulations, all imported household refrigerators and freezers are to comply with the following standards:
  • FS/AS/NZS 4474.1
  • FS/AS/NZS 4474.2
Furthermore, the Department of Energy is the Regulator of the program and works closely with the Fiji Revenue Customs Authority in monitoring at border levels to ensure that importation of household refrigerators and freezers comply with the standards.

Energy Saver Awards:  The Department, as part of its initiative in reducing Fiji’s Fuel Import Bill, organizes Energy Saver Competitions for the various energy-consuming sectors.  These are the Domestic Sector, Private Sector, Public Sector, and Schools.   Details of these competitions can be accessed in the following Links:
  • Domestic Sector
  • Private Sector
  • Public Sector
  • Schools
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