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Minimum Energy Performance Standards and Labeling Program

The desire of the governments to improve the energy efficiency of appliances has led to the development of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and the associated energy Labeling Scheme.
The preliminary processes for the implementation of this program started in 1996 and it developed to the advance stages through frequent stakeholder consultations, Cost and Benefit Analysis of Implementing the program in Fiji, retailer trainings and various submissions to the cabinet for relevant discussions and approvals.

Approval received from Cabinet (15/3/11), and the Fiji Department of Energy will now be monitoring and facilitating the import and sales of Electric household freezers and refrigerators into Fiji.

It will be mandatory for these appliances to be compliant to the FS/AS/NZS standards 4474.1 and 4474.2.

The Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority will be assisting the Department of Energy into achieving a smooth transition of the Program.

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