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(a)    Subject to the Trade Standards Quality Control Decree 1992, no.24 which serves as the principal legislation for the MEPSL program;

(b) Any person guilty of an offence under this Decree, is liable on conviction to fine not exceeding $5000.00 for a first offence and $10000.00 for a second subsequent offence.

(c) Every person who commits an offence against this Decree is liable in addition to the fine in (i); and

(d) Where a person is convicted of any offence against this decree and the court by which it is convicted is of the opinion that the offence was committed to defraud, that person shall be liable in addition to or instead of any other penalty, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years.

(e) The maximum penalty for an offence under a provision of the Decree committed by a body corporate is a fine that is five times the fine provided for in the provision or, as the case may be, a fine that is five times the fine for in (i).

(f ) If a person is convicted of an offence under this decree and the court considers that the commission of the offence caused another person to suffer pecuniary loss, the court may order the convicted person to pay the other person a specified amount of compensation for the loss.

(g) The court may make such an order whether or not it imposes a penalty for the offence.

(h) The amount ordered to be paid may be recovered in a court of competent jurisdiction as a debt due by the convicted person to the other person.
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