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Commissioning of the Buca Micro-Hydro Project

The 30 kW Buca Micro-Hydro Project in Cakaudrove was co-funded by the Government of Fiji (GoF) and Turkish Government. The project was officially commissioned by the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama in January 2011. The GoF had responsible for meeting all the local costs including house wiring, construction of powerhouse and dam and also the opening of an access road to the site. The Turkish Government on the other hand, had provided all the electro-mechanical components and also the laying of the transmission line from the power-house to the village. In addition, three (3) Turkish Engineers were also provided to assist in the implementation of the project until its completion.

The project would be guided under the Rural Electrification Policy (REP) whereby the government would oversee its operation within a grace period of three (3) years before handed over to the community. During this period the government would also conduct trainings to the communities to equip them with the required technical and managerial skills and knowledge to ensure the sustainability of the project.

The power received would be converted into productive use that would perhaps improve the socio-economic status of the community. Having access to affordable and reliable electricity supply would also alleviate poverty and most importantly met most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) target.

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