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As part of the work that we carry out under the Government's Rural Electrification Programme, the Department is also involved in the training of our rural communities especially in the operational and management aspects of schemes. This is one of the integral components of the policy in that it is one of the strategic initiatives in ensuring overall sustainability of rural electrification schemes installed in our communities.

Diesel Operators Training

The Diesel Operators training has been undertaken or attended to by most of our communities that have been assisted through this Department for the provision of electricity through a diesel system. The Department, with the assistance of the Centre and Appropriate Technology (CATD) in Nadave, conducts the basic operation and soft maintenance training for our communities that receive this assistance. Largely the training is undertaken at Nadave where we have appropriate facilities and also where a large number people can congregate. Three (3) trainings were held in CATD in 2005 with about 33 participants attending the four day workshop. However, it has been noted that involvement of distant communities have been rather subdued due to a number of reasons such as, geographical, transportation problems and other reasons. In light of the fact that we have a good number of schemes in outlying islands like Rotuma and Rabi, we feel that we are duty bound to ensure that the training is also undertaken in this islands.

Two trainings were held simultaneously in Rotuma from the 28/2/05 – 04/02/05 at the Ahau Government Station whereby 47 were trained under CATD Instructor for the Diesel Operators Training whilst 36 trained for the Management Training, conducted by Co-Op Training officer and assisted by Jimione Fereti and Sera Kama.

The Department also took the two trainings to Rabi from the 6th – 9th of June, 2005. Twenty-four (24) trained under CATD Instructor whilst 28 trained for the Management Training, conducted by Co-Op Training officer and assisted by Sera Kama and Semi Kedrawaca .

Management Training

In our quest to assist communities in managing and sustaining their schemes, we have also noted the importance of having formal training for our village committees. In this regard, as part of our rural electrification programme, we have put in place a package for enhancing the roles of village "Electrification Chairman" and their "Treasurers". Specifically for this particular training we involve the Cooperative Department and our people who would assist when required during this exercise.

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