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Fiji has abundance of sunshine and with this available resource; the Department of Energy (DOE) has been able to utilize it to its full potential. Remote villagers and settlements which could not be connected to the FEA grid and houses that have been distributed further apart gives us no other choice but to foresee other options apart from Diesel and FEA connected schemes. The only economical answer to remote rural electrification is with SHS. The system is environmentally clean and the technology is simple and applicable.

The Department currently has a Solar Programme whereby Solar Energy is used specifically for lighting purposes. Systems are designed to provide lighting and radio/cassette power for the users. Each SHS consists of 2x50W panels, a 12V Battery and a prepayment meter.

Furthermore, the Solar Project is operated under a RESCO (Renewable Energy Services Companies) model. Under this concept, equipment is owned by government (DOE), installed and maintain by a private company selected competitively by DOE. Each user pre-pays a monthly fee that covers maintenance and component replacement as well as the non-subsidized portion of the initial cost. A preliminary assessment by DOE indicates that the majority of the rural citizen presently using kerosene or benzene lamps and dry cell batteries are willing and able to pay the full operating and maintenance cost of SHSs. This would mean that once the systems are installed, that no further subsidy would be required and project would be self sustaining indefinitely.

In 2005 the Department was able to install 215 of these systems in Vanua Levu . The following areas were included in this installation:

  1. Vunicagi Settlement, Dreketi, Macuata
  2. Boroboro Settlement, Lekutu, Bua
  3. Luvuluvu Settlement, Lekutu, Bua
  4. Nawaca Settlement, Lekutu, Bua
  5. Cavaga Village , Solevu, Bua
  6. Saolo Village , Wainunu, Bua
  7. Nakawakawa Village , Wainunu, Bua
  8. Daria Village , Wainunu, Bua
  9. Nadua Village , Wainunu, Bua
  10. Nanuca Village , Savusavu, Cakaudrove

Furthermore, the demand for SHS has been overwhelming, and the Department continues to implement and monitor more of these systems.

  • Naroi Project Description
  • Namara Project Description
  • Vunivau Project Description


1.    Government funded:

  • Quantity – 100
  • State of progress – Evaluating tender submissions     


  2.   Japanese funded 

    • Quantity – 1000
    • State of progress
        • Supply and installation awarded
        • concept paper submitted to Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat

              DETAILS                                                                      AMOUNT
      1    Supply of 403 SHS system                                        $760,299.84
      2    Installtion of 403 solar home systems                   $20,096.00
      3    Outstanding Housewiring payments                     $386,080.03
      4    Retention payment-supplying of generators       $78,625.00
                                                                         TOTAL                 $1,245,100.87

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