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lokia biogas site
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wai village taveuni hydro monitoring station
Construction is well underway.
A.    Local components completed –
I.    5.3km road access to site
II.    Clearing of Dam site, penstock route and powerhouse site
III.    Clearing of camping area.
IV.    Rehabilitation of drinking water reticulation to areas affected.
V.    Crop compensation of affected areas amounting to $30,000
VI.    Forest damage compensation of close to $160, 000 to the two land owning units.
VII.    Clearing of transmission line route nearing completion
VIII.    Payment of lease for additional area for powerhouse close to completion.

B.    Dam site
I.    Construction of Dam reaching halfway.

C.    Penstock
I.    Laying of 3.9km penstock in progress

D.    Powerhouse
I.    Powerhouse construction in progress.

E.    Transmission Line
I.    Power poles erected and dressed.
II.    Pulling of lines to progress
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