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In accordance with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Renewable Energy Development Programme (REDP), the Government of Fiji is exploring possibilities of utilizing renewable energy resources for electrification in the rural areas. Solar technologies has been proven feasible and is being exploited in many forms in Fiji such as solar home systems, solar water pumps, solar water heaters to name a few. The exploitation of renewable based technologies reduces Fiji’s reliance on imported fuels whilst at the same time improves the livelihood of rural dwellers.
Koro Island Jetty in Lomaiviti had been identified from various site visits and assessments that it is in need of lighting to assist the vast amount of rural dwellers that utilize the shipping services to transport their produce to the Suva market for economical gains. From previous experiences most of the shipping vessels berth at this jetty only at night but there is not enough lighting to assist both the public and the shipping vessels in loading and offloading their produce as well as ensure the safety of the public that utilize these services.
Given the locality of the jetty with respect to the nearest Public Works Department Depot, which is approximately 18km from the jetty, it is only fitting that stand alone systems are installed on the jetty to provide adequate lighting to the general public.
Previous site assessments were undertaken by the Department of Energy and had ascertained the need for solar Street lighting at the Koro Jetty as well as the viability of the solar resource to be harnessed for lighting purposes.
In early 2008, the DOE through contracting CBS Power Solutions was able to install six (6) solar streetlights on the jetty in Koro Island. This is currently operational and is being monitored by the DOE.


Solar Street Lights at the Koro Jetty                                    


Close-Up View of the Solar Street Light at the Koro Jetty

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