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The Department of Energy (DOE) has been assisting villages in the installation of Solar Water Pumps to cater for village water supply needs. For this type of project, the Mineral Resources Department first has to undertake drilling of boreholes for water quantity and quality tests for requested sites. Once tests are favorable, then villages are encouraged to submit their requests to the DOE office at Samabula.

The solar water pumps operate in the daytime during normal sunshine hours and automatically switch off at sunset. This allows the borehole to replenish its water level before pumping starts the next day. Another advantage of the pumps is that they are fitted with sensor and floating switches to regulate the volume of water and level of water inside the boreholes.

For the past two years the DOE has installed two solar water pump projects at Tavea Island in Bua and Mali District School, in Mali Island, Macuata. Currently, they are enjoying the supply of fresh water for drinking and cooking from these boreholes. Before implementation the communities had contributed 10% of the total cost while DOE contributed the remaining 90%. Each system includes solar water pump with accessories, black piping and fittings to reach the water tank. A new water tank is also included if the village does not have an existing water tank.

Installation of Solar Water Pump at Tavea


Women Collecting Water from Tank

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