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The first National Energy Policy and associated strategic action plan were developed in 2006 with support from the Pacific Island Energy Policy and Strategic Action Planning (PIEPSAP) project.
This energy policy was endorsed by the Government in November 2006 and has since guided the Fiji Department of Energy (DoE) and the development of the energy sector.

Over the past six years, the energy sector in Fiji has seen significant growth in demand for services and infrastructure and accessible, affordable, safe and reliable modern energy services.
This has created significant interest from private and other non-government actors that has led to greater participation in energy-related interventions on the ground.

In view of the developments in the six years since the formulation of Fiji’s first energy policy and noting the objectives set in 2012 by the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) initiative,
the Government of Fiji has initiated a review of the national energy policy and the accompanying strategic action plan.

The review exercise is intended to be carried out with full consultation and participation of key actors (private sector, public institutions, NGOs, financial institutions,
development partners, civil society representatives, etc.) within relevant sectors.

Key reasons for the review arise from the need to address the following:

  1. To improve overall reliability and security of supply and quality of energy services, as well as continuing work on accessibility;
  2. To strengthen the regulatory framework in the energy sector;
  3. To update national targets and discuss if there is a need for revised and/or new targets, with due regard given to the objectives set by the SE4All initiative; and,
  4. To strengthen implementation of policy including improved coordination between stakeholders and mainstreaming energy across sectors.

The findings of the consultations and discussions with all key actors in the energy sector and the actual review exercise itself will determine if the main output of this exercise will be a revised or a new energy policy framework. 
The following key deliverables are to be prepared as part of the energy policy review:

  1. A paper on the status of mainstreaming the 2006 energy policy and strategic action plan including level of integration into key government planning and budgetary processes;
  2. A rapid assessment and gap analysis report;
  3. A revised or new energy policy document;
  4. A revised or new strategic action plan component including a  list of key activities to realize national policy objectives, formulated to integrate with the current planning and monitoring frameworks of the Government of Fiji; and
  5. A gap analysis paper of existing legislation and identification of proposed changes and/or new energy related legislation required.
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